Chemo: Round 8 – What now?

Tuesday was the last scheduled full round of my originally prescribed 8 rounds of FOLFOXIRI. As always, I’m here to remind you that chemo sucks.

As for what’s next, we still don’t have a firm path or next step yet. This will all be more clear after my next CT scan on 10/21. I then meet with my oncologist on 10/23 and we’ll figure out what we want to do. I’m ready to be off FOLFOXIRI, for sure. I’ve had a rough bunch of weeks both mentally and physically and am looking forward to easing up on treatment.

The most probable course, dependent on the findings of the CT scan, of course, is that I’ll go on an oral chemo. This should be easier on me but will possibly have its own host of side effects. My CEA levels continued to drop on my Monday bloodwork I had completed – down to 34.5 ng/mL. This is a good trend of course, but still isn’t indicative of what exactly is going on with the tumors.

Thanks as always for all the continued support and keep an eye for more updates soon. Sorry to anyone I haven’t been calling or texting back, please don’t take it personally as when I’m really not feeling well I do tend to retreat a bit. Please feel free to follow up if I owe you communication!

Much love,


2 thoughts on “Chemo: Round 8 – What now?

  1. Thank you for the update, Butch.. been thinking about you lots. I will be thinking of you even more as the days near your next scans. I hope you can feel my hugs from afar. Lots of love ❤️


  2. This sounds very positive!
    Best wishes for the next step!
    Be strong!
    Be positive!
    We’re all pulling for you!
    Great karma and positive vibes!


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