Surgery Gets the Green Light

Well, here I am in, a place I didn’t think I’d get be. I just spoke with the surgeon a little while ago to go over the results of Friday’s PET scan and yesterday’s colonoscopy. Everything was pretty much what we thought before, but now is confirmed. The chemo worked great on reducing my cancer … Continue reading Surgery Gets the Green Light

Pleasant 41-year-old Male Presents For Opinion Regarding Colon Cancer

“Pleasant 41-year-old Male Presents For Opinion Regarding Colon Cancer” – Philip Neff, MD Today, I met with a surgeon to discuss my options for surgery in regards to my colon cancer, hence the wonderful quote above from the surgeon’s medical notes. Seemingly good news – after that consult and then another visit with my oncologist … Continue reading Pleasant 41-year-old Male Presents For Opinion Regarding Colon Cancer

Stay the Course

Well, it’s been a long week. I had my CT scan on Wednesday, a dye study on my port Thursday(it’s fine) and a meeting with my oncologist today. Good news, my cancer continues to respond to the chemo. In fact, it reduced to a size that my oncologist want me to have a consult with … Continue reading Stay the Course


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Hi, I’m Matt AKA Butchie and this is my blog documenting my battle and eventual win over stage 4 colon cancer. Thank you for reading and supporting me in my fight!

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