Chemo: Round whatever

I’m laying in bed, feeling like shit after the start of my new chemo regimen. My 5fU pump is attached and I got through the Oxaliplatin and Avastin without issue yesterday, other than the typical grossness and nausea. I wasn’t sure if it would take a bit for the Oxaliplatin toxicity to build again but … Continue reading Chemo: Round whatever

Well, Fuck. Again.

Well, Fuck. Again. Much like my day and post from January when I found out that even though surgery had been successful, the cancer had already returned to my liver, yesterday was a bad day. I had my PET scan scheduled for 1pm and needed an empty stomach for the scan so hadn’t eaten all … Continue reading Well, Fuck. Again.

Borrowing Trouble

I’m trying not to borrow trouble. But I’ll readily admit, it’s pretty hard right now,. I hit the wall with chemo – it’s breaking me mentally and the building toxicity from continued treatments is making recovery harder each time. I had a CT scan on 5/24 that showed no growth or shrinkage of the tumors … Continue reading Borrowing Trouble

Chemo: Rounds 14-16 – Plateau?

I’m sitting here at Kaiser Franklin in the infusion center receiving round 16 of chemo. It still sucks. I’m feeling the effects of chemo longer after each infusion as the toxicity builds up from continuing treatments. I’m still crying often but trying to fill all the time in between with laughter. I had my labs … Continue reading Chemo: Rounds 14-16 – Plateau?


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