Stay the Course

Well, it’s been a long week. I had my CT scan on Wednesday, a dye study on my port Thursday(it’s fine) and a meeting with my oncologist today. Good news, my cancer continues to respond to the chemo. In fact, it reduced to a size that my oncologist want me to have a consult with … Continue reading Stay the Course

Chemo: Round 8 – What now?

Tuesday was the last scheduled full round of my originally prescribed 8 rounds of FOLFOXIRI. As always, I’m here to remind you that chemo sucks. As for what’s next, we still don’t have a firm path or next step yet. This will all be more clear after my next CT scan on 10/21. I then … Continue reading Chemo: Round 8 – What now?

Chemo: Round 6 – Good News?

Here I am, sitting through round 6 of chemo. Spoiler alert – it still sucks. We met this morning before the infusions with one of the PA’s here. There wasn’t a ton to go over – all my labs are still looking good. One set of numbers did stand out though. My CEA(cancer proteins) numbers … Continue reading Chemo: Round 6 – Good News?


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Hi, I’m Matt AKA Butchie and this is my blog documenting my battle and eventual win over stage 4 colon cancer. Thank you for reading and supporting me in my fight!

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