Cancer is still a huge fucker.

Hi all, I’m writing this post from my hospital bed in Denver. This is not my preferred residence. The hospital staff is wonderful as can be but I wish we weren’t seeing so much of each other. Friday night I went to sleep with a fever(2 days after my 3rd trial infusion.) Saturday morning I … Continue reading Cancer is still a huge fucker.

Quick Update

Hey everyone, Been a bit since and update. I was able to get in the travel I had planned – a family weekend in LA, a birthday celebration with some friends and family in NOLA and a few other short trips. I also had a 2 night stint in the hospital after I received test … Continue reading Quick Update

Where We’re At, Right Now

So, I met with my oncologist today. We’re going to schedule a scan and see if these increased numbers correlate with growth. We may be reaching the end of traditional chemo efficacy. I’m setting up a consult with a research center here in Denver to talk about a Stage 1 Clinical Trial. I’m not sure … Continue reading Where We’re At, Right Now


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Hi, I’m Matt AKA Butchie and this is my blog documenting my battle and eventual win over stage 4 colon cancer. Thank you for reading and supporting me in my fight!

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