Stay the Course

Well, it’s been a long week.

I had my CT scan on Wednesday, a dye study on my port Thursday(it’s fine) and a meeting with my oncologist today.

Good news, my cancer continues to respond to the chemo. In fact, it reduced to a size that my oncologist want me to have a consult with a surgeon. This is just a consult, we’re still in no way certain this is the path. I still have 5-6 lesions on the liver so we won’t know until talking with the surgeon whether the liver is in fact resectable. There’s still the tumor in the colon that would need to be removed as well, though that tumor continues to shrink and respond to the chemo. There’s also the wildcard of the nodule on one of my lungs. We can’t easily get to it or biopsy it but we’re assuming it is cancerous, especially considering that it too has shrunk from the chemo.

So. Based on the positive reaction to the chemo and the fact that although I continue to feel like shit from it, I am tolerating the treatment relatively well, we’re going to continue a few more sessions. Chemo #9 is going to be Tuesday. I have my surgery consult on 11/9 with a potential chemo #10 on 11/10.

If the surgeon believes that surgery is a viable option, I’ll most likely have that 10th chemo and then we’ll schedule surgery. There would be a break from the chemo to let my body clear out and get healthier, preparing to be in good shape for healing from the surgery.

If the surgeon doesn’t believe that surgery is a viable option, we may or may not keep that 10th infusion of chemo scheduled and then switch over to the oral chemo we’ve previously discussed.

Well, that’s all the news I have to share for now. I apologize again to anybody I owe a text or call back to – please feel free to reach out again. Thank you all for your continued love and support.


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