Chemo: Round 7 – Back to Reality

Yesterday was round 7 of chemo. There’s really not much of an update – it still sucks and I feel like shit.

We met with my oncologist beforehand and there wasn’t much news there either. My CEA (cancer protein) numbers continued to drop – down to 65.8 ng/mL. We discussed what this means. What it doesn’t mean is that my tumors are reducing at the same progress as the CEA levels – we won’t know what that shrinkage looks like until the end of October after my next CT scan. What the CEA levels are good for is monitoring cancer growth. We’ll use these to continue to monitor the cancer as we change up my chemo regiment.

So. While I’m still staying positive and hoping to be in the small percentage that beats this disease in my position, my prognosis is still currently around 2-3 years of survival from diagnosis and my cancer is still currently inoperable.

Please keep the love, thoughts and prayers coming my way. Thank you all for continuing to lift me up when this disease and its effects are bringing me down.

Much love,


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