Fare Thee Well, Butchie

Matthew Benjamin “‘Lil’ Butchie” Kassoff left this world on June 10th, 2022 after living his final days with, in his words, a “tremendous amount of joie de vivre.”  He leaves behind his beloved wife, Emily Scheler, as well as his mother, Louise Cangelosi, sisters, Mara Kassoff and Naomi Griffin, and so many exceptional friends.

Matt was born in New Jersey in 1979, and made his way to Denver via Seattle and a few other pitstops in between.  The scenery may have changed, but his love for live music and dancing, especially to Phish and the Grateful Dead, was steadfast.  His passion for books was closely matched by his love of nature. His humor and camaraderie were unparalleled, his friendship unwavering, and his smile and wit will be missed by many.

As usual, he couldn’t have said things better himself:

“I want you to think of me and go to the show. Book the flight. Order the dessert. Have that extra glass of wine. Make the time for who and what is most important to you in your life. I want you to try and live your life to the fullest you can, while you can…”

A celebration of his life will take place on August 6th, 2022 at Feldman Mortuary in Denver, CO. 

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