Quick Update

Hey everyone,

Been a bit since and update. I was able to get in the travel I had planned – a family weekend in LA, a birthday celebration with some friends and family in NOLA and a few other short trips. I also had a 2 night stint in the hospital after I received test results showing some elevated white blood cells and bilirubin counts.

I started my trial about 2 weeks ago. The side effects so far are minimal. I was scheduled to have my 2nd infusion yesterday, but I was sick Monday night and then still yesterday morning. Vomiting, nausea and extreme fatigue. I’m tired a lot. Anyway, we’re rescheduled for tomorrow.

I have a scan scheduled in early May, so we should know then if the trial is doing anything.

I’ve also been getting questions about how folks can help, as we approach the 2 year anniversary of my diagnosis in June, so we’ve updated my gofundme goal. Thank you all for your generosity in so many ways, so far.


Much Love,


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