Are you there friends? It’s me, Butchie

Hi everybody, it’s me, Butchie. It’s been a while since an update here and I have to come clean with you all – I’m beginning to feel like the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I’m still alive, a year and half past my diagnosis date. I thought then that I had less than six months to live. But I got those six months, another six months, and here I am finishing out eighteen full months of treatment and living. I’m so happy to have had this time and I’m looking forward to and hoping for more and more time. I don’t want my ride to end.

Amidst the smiles and genuinely enjoyable experiences, I’ve definitely dealt with a great deal of pain and discomfort, trying my best to overcome these individual moments and focus on the positive times. Chemo is still very hard and recovery takes a bit. My numbers and last scan were relatively stable, though I’m obviously nervous about what the numbers will look like on Wednesday, before chemo on Thursday and as always, I’m dreading the post chemo effects.

Since my last update in August, I’ve kept very busy between chemo sessions, travel and visitors.

I saw Phish at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, here in Colorado, for my 9th year in a row with the best of people.

I was able to witness my sister-in-law get married and take advantage of a chance to get dressed up with my love.

Received a plethora of visitors.

During October, I was able to see 10 Phish shows, flying out to San Francisco for a long weekend and then flying home to drive to the other shows in Phoenix, San Diego, LA and Las Vegas.

We stopped at a few of Utah’s National Parks on the way home from Vegas.

In the middle of November, we left for an absolute trip of a lifetime – 12 nights in Italy(Naples, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Florence and Tuscany) and then 3 nights in Lisbon. So many amazing people, sites and culinary adventures – it was perfect and surreal.

Barring anything unusual or acute occurring, my next scan will be sometime around March. I’ve got quite a bit of chemo scheduled before then and I’ll be sure to update if anything interesting or pertinent comes up.

Much love to you all,


4 thoughts on “Are you there friends? It’s me, Butchie

  1. Love the positivity!
    Love the photos of all the adventures!
    Glad to be in the loop!
    Keep it up!
    We’re all praying for you !


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