Some days will be better.

Today was a better day than yesterday. Tonight feels, dare I say, the most normal I’ve felt in a week. As I write this there’s a movie playing, I just ate some delicious Mediterranean take-out and had a little glass of champagne.

Why champagne? Emily and I are celebrating. This morning, I was woken up by my pup Clementine jumping on the bed. She had a new Grateful Dead collar on, as well a new name tag that said “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. So yeah, I was proposed to and accepted. I’m very lucky to have such a strong woman, such a beautiful soul – inside and out, by my side and taking on this journey with me.

Today was also more preparation for things to come. I dropped off a print with a friend to be framed. I bought it recently because it resonated with me because of past experiences but now it has a new meaning. I’ll share the finished product once I get it back. A good friend of mine also came over to help me with a list of household things that needed to be completed before storms comes and before I’m to immunocompromised to have visitors, even if we’re all wearing masks.

I was brought to tears multiple times today by the generosity of others and love being directed my way. My gofundme, whose purpose it is to take away the stress associated with the financial part of this fight continues to be just almost too much to comprehend. I literally cannot fully express in words the emotions I’m feeling and amount of love I have for you all. I received some wonderful gifts in the mail – a beautiful handwoven blanket and maple syrup from a dear, dear friend who means the world to me, a box of bagels/cream cheese/lox from New York from other another group of beloved friends as well as a box filled with exotic Chicago cuisine( a few casseroles – I believe some people call them deep dish pizza and some Italian Beef) from my super sweet future in-laws.

Thank you all for the kind words and support after my last post. You all are in the same boat as me – we’re all doing our best trying to navigate this new foreign reality and I think we’ve all done a commendable job so far.

Much love to you all,


4 thoughts on “Some days will be better.

  1. Sending you love and care Matt!! Please let us know if there is anything you and Emily need. You and your family are in our thoughts and daily prayers. ❤️


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