Chemo: Round whatever

I’m laying in bed, feeling like shit after the start of my new chemo regimen. My 5fU pump is attached and I got through the Oxaliplatin and Avastin without issue yesterday, other than the typical grossness and nausea.

I wasn’t sure if it would take a bit for the Oxaliplatin toxicity to build again but I found out fast that the cold sensitivity is back right away. No iced drinks or ice cream for me in this 100 degree Denver heat. Hopefully I’ll be able to balance the air conditioning/fans on my skin if that starts to hurt.

Because of my desire to balance living along with fighting the cancer, my next chemo session won’t be until July 13th. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s so hard and frustrating to be in a position where there are literally no good choices. I hate this treatment so much but without it, even intermittently, I’d be basically signing my own death certificate early. But then I struggle with the intermittent because I feel like maybe I’m not fighting enough. It all sucks and is miserable and I hope beyond hope that all of you reading this never find yourself in a similar position.

I had a great visit with both my sisters this past weekend and am continuing plans for travel and other visitors. I’m seeing local friends when I can and doing what I can, though my I don’t ever feel great these days and I’m pretty tired most of the time.

My wife will take unpaid leave from work soon for the foreseeable future so that we can get in as much time together as possible, especially now, when even though I’m sick, I’m not incapacitated.

If you’ve wanted to help but didn’t know how and you’re able to and have the means, we’ve re-upped our gofundme

Here’s some more pics from recent trips and visits.

Much love,


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