Chemo: Round 12 – No More Biologics

Tomorrow will be round 12 of Chemo. We’re dropping the biologic Panitumumab, which last round had replaced Cetuximab(which had given me an anaphylactic response during my infusion in round 10). So these biologic drugs, they don’t actually fight your cancer. What they do is stimulate an immune response so your body is fighting the cancer. The major side effect of this is that it also stimulates your body to attack your skin. I’ve had an extreme reaction to the Panintumumab that has resulted in a lot of pain and discomfort over the past few weeks. Here’s a picture of me from 2/15:

The rash is like whiteheads with sunburn on top. The antibiotics and ointments I’ve been prescribed have seemed to have a negligible effect. This should all be clearing up in the next couple of weeks, but unlike waiting for a drug to exit your system, I’m waiting for my body to stop its immune response. Which doesn’t seem to be slowing down yet. Below is a picture from today, 2/23:

So tomorrow I’ll receive FOLFIRI chemo cocktail. I’ve got one more infusion scheduled before my next scan, at which point we’ll have more of an idea of what comes next.

In extreme itchiness and pain,


One thought on “Chemo: Round 12 – No More Biologics

  1. Hey Matt, I’m sorry you’re having to endure such discomfort and pain. You, your wife and all those that love you are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting Matt, we are all rooting for you!! 🙏💪❤️


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