My Privilege

Before I’m too sick to be able to think about or fight for anything other than my own survival, I want to remind everybody of some of the reasons why I’m in the enviable position of having an actual chance to beat cancer.

The statement below is not debatable for me, these are facts and you will not change my mind – don’t try to argue on this page or send me a message. This is my blog and my opinion – if you disagree, go start your own blog. I just checked and the domain is available for you to purchase and spout your hate on. Just think – what kind of an asshole starts an internet fight with a dying man? The worst kind of asshole. Don’t be that asshole.

Healthcare is a human right and Black Lives Matter.

Our country was founded on stolen land, built up upon the backs of an enslaved population and further enriched by embracing manifest destiny and pushing until we owned everything between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Even after all that looting of land and bodies, we are still the richest and most highly industrialized nation to not offer universal healthcare to all our citizens.

There is zero doubt in my mind that the reason I’m so ready and eager to get this fight against cancer started is directly due to my cis male white privilege. I am a cis white male with a two year college degree. Despite a lack of further formal education, I was still able to work my way up to the professional job that I now possess. Through that job, I have health insurance that should hopefully not bankrupt me while I receive treatment to fight this disease though it will still cost me a lot money. Through that job, I’m eligible for both short term and long term disability which will provide me with a nominal amount of the salary I would earn if I was working. Don’t get me wrong – I certainly have attributes that have helped propel me to the professional level I’ve risen to. But again, I am positive that the main reason I am where I am in my professional career is the privileged start with which I began.

Please join me or continue your part in the fight for equal rights and basic human rights while you root for me in battle against cancer.

Much Love,


5 thoughts on “My Privilege

  1. You’re a phenomenal writer, and you have a powerful voice. I’m sorry it took cancer to start this blog, but I’m glad you’ve picked up the pen. It belongs in your hand.


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